Home and Family. Images of Peaceful Life
Benois Wing

Home and Family. Images of Peaceful Life

16 december 2022—20 june 2023

The Russian Museum exhibition project Artists on War and Peace can be seen as a diptych comprised of two exhibitions: Images of Military Life in Russian Art...

Nikolai Suetin. Ilya Chashnik
St Michael’s Castle

Nikolai Suetin. Ilya Chashnik

2 march—19 june 2023

This exhibition spotlights the work of Malevich’s closest pupils and associates Ilya Chashnik (1902–1929) and Nikolai Suetin (1897–1954), and follows o...

Parallel Universes. From Abstraction to Artefact. The Collection of Natalia Opaleva
Marble Palace

Parallel Universes. From Abstraction to Artefact. The Collection of Natalia Opaleva

3 march—26 june 2023

The State Russian Museum presents the exhibition project Parallel Universes. From Abstraction to Artefact showing w...

Leonid Sherwood (1871–1954)
St Michael’s Castle

Leonid Sherwood (1871–1954)

13 april—3 july 2023

Initiated to coincide with 152 years since the artist’s birth, this exhibition follows extensive research undertaken to elaborate on certain aspects of Leonid Sherwood’s...

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The State Russian Museum is aiming to provide the most pleasant experience for visitors with disabilities in all buildings of the museum complex.

We ask to contact us about your visit in advance on: tel. 232-45-76

If you require any help, you can also enquire to speak to the administrator or to the controller.

Memo for people with limited mobility

Dear visitors!

We invite you to make yourself familiar with the information regarding the order in which the House of Peter the I provides access for immobile visitors and people with other disabilities, the features of providing our services and additional aid from the museum personnel.

  • There are no special parking spaces provided for people with disabilities. Parking is available in normal places.

•        Please note that the entrance area is clad with ribbed flooring. Entrance to the House is carried out by stairs. To use the removable ramp, contact the administrator.

•       Services in the museum are provided on the ground floor, divided into 2 levels. To move between levels, you can use a removable ramp. To do this, please contact the administrator.

•        The facility is partially accessible to people with disabilities and other limited mobility groups.

  •  Responsible for organizing the reception and provision of services for people with disabilities and limited mobility at the museum: Head of the department of administrative and organizational work E. Kuznets, tel. +7 812 314 64 24.

Additional information

  • There are no toilets available in the House of Peter the I.

  • You can make yourself familiar with the House of Peter the I through visiting the virtual tour at:


The State Russian Museum conducts group classes and tours upon requests from organisations.

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Collection highlights

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