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Treasure of the Stroganovs

Treasure of the Stroganovs

Palace Editions, St Petersburg, 2005
16 pages; 22 coloured illustrations
Format: 14.5 x 11 cm; Russian

The publication accompanies the Family Relics and Contributions of the Stroganovs to Russian Churches exhibition. It includes an article dedicated to the works of Old Russian art from the funds of the Russian Museum belonged to the Stroganovs. The article analyses icon painting, embroideries, church and secular utensils with endorsements and dates, as well as contributions to the Annunciation Cathedral of Solvychegodsk and Solovetsky Monastery. The book is supplemented with illustrations and legends.

The publication is timed to the opening of the Family Relics and Contributions of the Stroganovs to Russian Churches exhibition.

The Miniature Portrait, 1996

ISBN 3 930775- 20- 4; 10,00DM

The Art of Mstiora, 1997

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Alexander Ignatiev, 1997

ISBN 3 930775- 38- 7; 10,00DM
12 pages 5 colour and 5 black-and-white reproductions. Russian. Size 20 x 21 cm.

Russian Patchwork, 1997

ISBN 3-930775-29-8; 10,00DM

The Russian Imperial Theatre, 1997

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Vologda Lace

ISBN 3-930775-57-3
12 pages with 12 colour illustrations. Size 20 x 21 cm.

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