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Art therapy

Museum art therapy is a psychological and pedagogical approach which employs the capabilities of visual art and the museum environment to achieve positive changes in emotional, intellectual and personal development of an individual. The staff of the Russian Museum have been developing and evolving the approach ever since the early 1990s.

At the present time these art-related therapeutic activities are carried out as part of a program to arrange for an accessible cultural and educational environment for disabled people visiting the museum; and its purpose is to develop and then implement special informative projects and programs intended for the disabled people of different age and health condition, as well as for children, teenagers, and young adults finding themselves in difficult straits and at risk.

The Russian Museum is the only museum where professional psychologists conduct work aimed at the development of socially adaptive personal functions of a disabled child through visual art. At other major Russian museums of fine arts (State Hermitage Museum, Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts) such classes are held only by art historians, who introduce children to the collections of their museum through adapted programs, taking into account or the nature of a child’s disability.

Objectives and purpose of activities:

  • to study and develop pedagogical and art-related therapeutic techniques and methodology for artistic perception, education through art and for fine arts teaching;
  • to develop and implement various sociocultural, art-related therapeutic, artistic, exhibition programs and projects intended for children and adults with various physical and mental health capacities and also intended to reach their creative development objectives;
  • to arrange for and to hold conferences, workshops and practical courses, roundtable discussions and master class workshops related to this field of expertise, including those on the issues connected with the provision of art therapy in art museums;
  • to create and to constantly renew the reserves of instructional materials required to hold classroom and studio courses, and also at the permanent exhibition intended for complicated audience;
  • to render consulting methodological assistance to experts and to provide rehabilitation treatment to people with various physical and mental health capacities by implementing art therapy.
























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