Sport in Soviet Porcelain, Graphic Arts, and Sculpture
Benois Wing

Sport in Soviet Porcelain, Graphic Arts, and Sculpture

25 april—30 july 2018

The exhibition includes around 350 ceramic works devoted to the topics of sport and healthy lifestyle and made in the Soviet Union/Russia betwee...


Ernst Barlach – Käthe Kollwitz: Beyond the Borders of Existence. In Dialogue with their Russian Contemporaries
Marble Palace
Photographic Postcards
Stroganov Palace

Photographic Postcards

16 may—25 june 2018

Landmark postcards made in collaboration between contemporary St. Petersburg photographers and graphic artist Alexander Florensky present an original perspective on iconic pl...


15th-Century Russian Icons from the Intesa Sanpaolo Collection
Mikhailovsky Palace

15th-Century Russian Icons from the Intesa Sanpaolo Collection

23 may—25 june 2018

The exhibition will present three Russian icons dating back to the late 15th and early 16th centuries from the Intesa Sanpaolo collectio...


Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. On the 140th Anniversary of the Artist’s Birth
Benois Wing

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. On the 140th Anniversary of the Artist’s Birth

25 may—20 august 2018

Large-scale retrospective exhibition will present the artist’s milestone works, encompassing his entire career, from well-known mas...


Alexander Sementsov. Pain Syndrome
St Michael’s Castle

Alexander Sementsov. Pain Syndrome

28 june—12 august 2018

The exhibition “Alexander Sementsov. Pain Syndrome” presents a series of works dedicated to the War in Abkhazia (1992–1993), executed by the artist in St...



Vladimir Lyubarov. The Land of Peremilovo. Oil Paintings of Russian Origin

Vladimir Lyubarov. The Land of Peremilovo. Oil Paintings of Russian Origin

18 april—17 june 2018

In Lyubarov’s work, subtle psychologism and attention to detail are artfully combined with the ingenuous expressiveness of naïve art and high professionalism of a skillful painter.  

Inside the Marble Palace (Sound, Dance, Performance)

Inside the Marble Palace (Sound, Dance, Performance)

18 april—14 may 2018

Lorna Simpson

Sculptor's Book

Sculptor's Book

12 april—14 june 2018

The exhibition investigates the ways sculptors tackle book as a cultural phenomenon. The viewers will see not only traditional sculpture, but also installations and objects. The exhibition includes 60 works by 40 artists.

Red: Painting, Folk Art, and  Decorative and Applied Art from the collection of the Russian Museum

Red: Painting, Folk Art, and Decorative and Applied Art from the collection of the Russian Museum

8 september 2017—26 august 2017

On September 8, 2017, the exhibition “Red: Painting, Folk Art, and Decorative and Applied Art from the collection of the Russian Museum” will open at the Murmansk Regional Art Museum.

Children of the Soviet State

Children of the Soviet State

7 september 2017—20 november 2017

The works by painters, graphic artists, sculptors and masters of the applied arts, created in 1920-1980-s, provide a vivid image of the Soviet State smallest citizens’ life. Through the images of children of the Soviet State these art pieces reflect the pages of Soviet history – both heroic and  tragic.

Nicholas Roerich

Nicholas Roerich

29 august 2017—26 november 2017

On August 29, the exhibition “Nicholas Roerich” will open at the Yaroslavl Art Museum. The display will include 50 painting and graphic works from the collection of the Russian Museum.

German Video Art in the Russian Museum

German Video Art in the Russian Museum

30 november 2016—26 december 2016

Niklas Goldbach, 2010

German Video Art in the Russian Museum

German Video Art in the Russian Museum

2 november 2016—28 november 2016

Reflections on the Birth of Venus (Reflexionen über die Geburt der Venus)
Ulrike Rosenbach, 1978

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

15 october 2016—11 december 2016

October 15 the exhibition “Family portrait” opens at the Murmansk Municipal Art Museum.

New Acquisitions. 1998-2014

New Acquisitions. 1998-2014

22 july 2015—31 october 2015

The exhibition includes the pieces of art that fulfilled the collection of the State Russian museum in 1998 (the last exhibition of the new acquisitions) - 2014. In this period the museum was able to purchase more than 2 000 objects of different genres and trends among which there are plenty of masterpieces. At the same time the main source of fulfilling the collection were the numerous and lavish gifts which presented to the museum over 12 000 pieces of art.

Georg Baselitz. How it began… Paintings and graphical works of the last twenty years

Georg Baselitz. How it began… Paintings and graphical works of the last twenty years

16 july 2015—19 october 2015

Georg Baselitz (was born in 1938 in Saxony) is one of the founders of the German Neo-expressionism. The exhibition presents paintings, drawings, watercolours of the last two decades. The major part of the works belongs to the collection of the Albertina Museum (Vienna, Austria) which made it possible for the Russian Museum to show the artist's works to the citizens of Saint-Petersburg who know his painting «Bottle and Eagle» (1977-1978) very well. This very work is a part of the collection of the Ludwig Museum at the Russian Museum.

From Chagall to Malevich, the revolution of the avant-garde

From Chagall to Malevich, the revolution of the avant-garde

12 july 2015—6 september 2015

The Grimaldi Forum's big summer 2015 exhibition is part of the Principality of Monaco's Russia Year and one of that celebration's stand-out events.
The exhibition will bring together 150 major works by great artists who made up Russia's avant-garde art scene from 1905 to 1930, when various movements and schools developed, driven by the energy and wealth of creativity in the first part of the 20th century: Impressionism followed by Cubism, Futurism, Cubo-Futurism, Rayonism, Suprematism, Constructivism



18 june 2014—1 september 2014

The new exhibition of the Russian Museum will bring together over 100 sculptural works created from paper.

Russia through the train window

Russia through the train window

9 june 2014—28 june 2014

The exhibition «Russia through the Train Window» is a joint project by JSC Russian Railways and the Russian photographer Anton Lange. The aim is to show modern-day Russia through the camera lens of a photographer traveling by rail across this vast country.

The Flowers & Still Lifes of Alexander Benois Stetto

The Flowers & Still Lifes of Alexander Benois Stetto

6 june 2014—22 june 2014

The name of Alexander Benois di Stetto (1896-1979), a member of the famous artistic dynasty of Benois - Serebryakov - Lanceray, was not widely known among the general public until quite recently. Eight years ago the Russian Museum initiated the Alexander Benois di Stetto: Return to Russia exhibition project, which contributed to the remembrance of this spectacular representative of Benois family and his impact to Russian and European art and culture at the turn of the 20th century.



16 october 2013—25 november 2013

SUSTAINING AND CREATING exhibition is the result of successful realization of the program of support for the young artists Unusual Art that gives an incredible chances for the development of artist with limited physical opportunities in the age from 16 to 25 and allows them to receive the national recognition in the very beginning of their career.



26 september 2013—4 november 2013

This retrospective exhibition presents key-works from the creative oeuvre of Kjarval (his full name was Jóhannes Sveinsson Kjarval), who was one of the pioneers of Icelandic visual art.



19 september 2013—4 november 2013

It is the first so large scale solo exhibition of one of the most significant Russian artists of the beginning of the 20th century.



18 october 2012—19 november 2012

The exhibition presents the creative oeuvre of contemporary Russian artist Yury Kaluta.



4 october 2012—5 november 2012

The exhibition acquaints with the series that unites 64 works by the well-known contemporary Russian photographer who had a trip across Africa and portrayed the unique beauty of landscape of this exotic land and its inhabitants – the representatives of the various world of wild nature that is removed from destructive force of civilization and preserves its independence.



29 august 2012—14 october 2012

The exhibition is devoted to the creative oeuvre of two generations of the family of Petersburg artists Traugot: Georgiy Traugot (1903–1961), his wife Vera Yanova (1907–2004), whose works are presented to viewers for the first time ever, and their sons – Alexander Traugot (born 1931) and Valeriy Traugot (1936–2009).



16 november 2011—11 december 2011

The solo exhibition of Genia Chef presents the creative oeuvre of the well-known master of contemporary art who was born in the Soviet Union and from 1985 works in foreign countries (Germany, Austria, the United States of America, Spain).



28 october 2011—17 november 2011

The international exhibition of the children's photograph is the artistic and educational Photo-project that united the young masters of photograph from Cologne, Turku and St. Petersburg. The exhibition shows what the young Finns, Germans and Russians are interested in.

RUSSIA FOR ALL. Exhibition project by Victor Bondarenko and Dmitry Gutov

RUSSIA FOR ALL. Exhibition project by Victor Bondarenko and Dmitry Gutov

29 september 2011—16 october 2011

The Russia for All exhibition project by the inhabitants of Moscow Victor Bondarenko (the author of idea of the exhibition) and the artist Dmitry Gutov is connected with the practice of contemporary art and realized in the form of the trip across Russia with stops in different cities.

Tatiana Zubkova. The Winners of the First Museum Photobiennale of the State Russian Museum

Tatiana Zubkova. The Winners of the First Museum Photobiennale of the State Russian Museum

1 november 2010—29 november 2010

On the exhibition from the series “Winners of the First Photobiennale of the Russian Museum” there are presented the works by Tatiana Zubkova – the photographer of the Ballet Theatre of Yury Grigorovich, Music and Youth theatres of the “Premiere” Art Association and Krasnodar Academic Drama Theatre.

Andrei Shapran. The Winners of the First Museum Photobiennale of the State Russian Museum

7 october 2010—25 october 2010

In 2009 the Russian Museum for the first time initiated the large scaled The First Russian Museum Photobiennale exhibition project.


4 september 2010—26 september 2010

The main idea of the “Divine Wind” exhibition by the “Tanatos Banionis” project is the reflection of the phenomenon of the Japanese kamikaze flyers on the language of tattoo.



28 october 2009—1 december 2009

For the first time the paintings by the well-known painter-emigrant Vladimir Titov, who lives now in France are presented at his personal exhibition in Saint-Petersburg. The exposition includes 45 works from the author's collection.


14 october 2009—10 november 2009

The exhibition activity of Abezgauz envelop hundreds of expositions: from the small apartment-exhibitions of the Leningrad underground to such final historic expositions as "From Gulag to Glasnost.


8 october 2009—30 november 2009

At the exhibition there are presented for the first time in Russia the works by the well-known Canadian animal painter, naturalist and active greener Robert Bateman.



14 november 2008—12 december 2008

Exposition opens the series of exhibitions in the project dedicated to Russian private collections.

Mikhail Shvartsman Graphic art

29 october 2008—1 december 2008

For the first time the exhibition of artworks by Mikhail Shvartsman from the collection of the artist’s family presents his graphic heritage as an organic, unique, marked by special virtuosic “making” branch of his creative oeuvre.

Manfred Hebenstreit

16 october 2008—20 november 2008

The artworks by the well-known Austrian artist Manfred Hebenstreit will be presented in the Russian Museum for the first time.



11 october 2007—22 november 2007

Till recently the viewers knew Zinaida Serebryakova as a master of portrait, genre scenes from the life of peasantry.

YURY GRETSKY. IRINA GRETSKAYA. Painting. Graphic Art. Object

11 october 2007—19 november 2007

The unfathomable creative harmony makes the duet of Irina and Yury Gretsky highly attractive.



27 september 2007—10 december 2007

The Mikhail Kozlovsky (1753 — 1802) exhibition is dedicated to the 250th birthday anniversary of one of the leading artists of the eighteenth century.


German Egoshin. Painting from the Collection of the Russian Museum and the Artist´s Studio

2 november 2006—20 november 2006

The second exhibition of paintings by famous St Petersburg artist German Egoshin in the Russian Museum is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the master´s birth.

Ladislas Kijno

26 october 2006—27 november 2006

The Russian Museum presents the one-man show of Ladislas Kijno, one of the most unusual and resourceful representatives of the generation of artists, whom traditionally call 'the artists of the fifties'.

Andrei Lanskoy

25 october 2006—20 november 2006

The Russian Museum presents the one-man show of the artist Andrei Lanskoy.


"THE MIRACLE MAN WAS OF LARGE STATURE". Dedicated to the 100-th anniversary of Daniel Harms

22 december 2005—30 january 2005

The project is dedicated to the centenary of Daniil Kharms' birth. He was one of the most renowned writers of the 20th century.

Family Relics and Contributions of the Stroganovs to Russian Churches. Opening of the permanent exposition

16 december 2005—31 december 2005

The unique works of applied art, icon painting and embroideries from the funds of the Russian Museum are shown in the rooms of the first floor, facing the Nevsky prospect.


9 december 2005—28 february 2005

The State Russian Museum introduces the oeuvre of Andy Warhol. This is one of the biggest and most significant projects ever realised in Russia.


Andrei Yakovlev. Painting from the collection of the Russian Museum

17 november 2004—17 december 2004

The exhibition marks the seventieth anniversary of the birth of Andrei Yakovlev, honoured artist of Russia and winner of the Repin Prize.

Olga Chernysheva. The Happiness Zone

15 november 2004—6 december 2004

The Zone of Happiness exhibition shows four Olga Chernysheva's videofilms (The Unknown, Self-Studying, Dionysius Steamer, Train), as well as a series of drawings and watercolours created by the artist on the basis of her video- and photo-works.

Roger Ballen Photography

15 october 2004—15 november 2004

This is the first ever exhibition of the famous American photographer Roger Ballen in Russia.


Natalya Savinova. Ceramics (From 'Petersburg Ceramists' series)

5 november 2003—14 december 2003

The personal exhibition of Natalya Savinova showcases works, which has already became classic, from the State Russian Museum collection, as well as those created recently, which belong to the author and have never been shown to public.

Demian Herst. From the Cradle to the Grave

30 october 2003—1 december 2003

The first in Russia exhibition of works of the famous British artist, a mega-star of international art stage, Damien Herst, will showcase 100 graphic pictures and one large-scale sculpture.

Victor Ruzo. Life and Work (Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum)

10 october 2003—20 november 2003

The exhibition dated to the ninetieth birthday of the Swiss artist and philosopher Victor Ruzo introduces his works of different oeuvre periods, which depict his unique life story, a story of a peculiar oeuvre phenomenon.

Grisha Bruskin: 'Life is Everywhere' Porcelain Project

6 december 2001—4 february 2002

A Russian-born artist now living in the United States, Grisha Bruskin unveils his latest project - porcelain dishes and sculptures incorporating the traditions of post-revolutionary and post-war china.

Jorg Immendorff

29 november 2001—4 february 2002

The exhibition comprises painterly work and sculpture of 1981-2000 introducing the Russian public into the creative art of one of the most prominent German artists of our time.

The World Through the Eyes of Stas Namin

27 november 2001—17 january 2002

This is the first-ever exhibition of photography in St Petersburg by Stas Namin, a leading Russian rock-star and producer.


Mikhail Schwartzmann. Retrospective.

11 october 2001—18 november 2001

Mikhail Schwartzmann (1926-97) was born in Moscow but after his father-s imprisonment the family frequently moved from place to place.

Anna Staritskaya

4 october 2001—18 october 2001

Anna Staritskaya was born in Ukraine in 1908. At the age of 13 she started studying drawing at the Countess Sukhanova-Tolstaya Art School in Moscow.

Pavel Filonov

3 october 2001—20 november 2001

The exhibition comprises about three hundred canvases by the renowned master of the Russian avant-garde. Pavel Filonov (1882-1941) v painter, graphic artist, theatrical designer. Contributed to exhibitions from the 1990s.


Marat Gelman gallery

19 october 2000—31 december 2000

The Marat Gelman Gallery shows the South Russian Wave, Poor Art and Nostalgia exhibitions within the framework of the Art Against Geography project.

Marguerite Anielle-Palen: myth, legend, fairytale

18 october 2000—12 november 2000

Marguerite Anielle-Palen was born into an Italian family in Switzerland. Most of her time she lives in Switzerland, sometimes staying in Paris and Italy.

Antonio Menegetty Ontoarte: for the rebirth in art

2 october 2000—15 october 2000


'Coma'. Installation by V.Kustov

29 november 1999—15 december 1999

The exhibition was organized with the Ludwig Museum cooperation.

Exhibition of Li San Wong works

26 november 1999—31 december 1999

Li San Wong is the outstanding contemporary artist from Northern Korea who combines devices of the Far East traditional painting and Western art experience, in particular pop-art.

Franz Lefort - associate of Peter I

17 november 1999—30 november 1999

The exhibition was prepared in cooperation with Swiss Cultural Center. Its main exhibits were historical documents and engravings from the Navy Archive, Russian National Library and the State Russian Museum.

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