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Nomeda Saukiene.”Rabbits” Game. 1994. Oil on canvas. 100х100
17 may 2012—18 june 2012
For the first time in Russia this exhibition presents the creative oeuvre of the modern Lithuanian artists Sharunas Sauki, his wife Nomeda Saukene and son Mikolas Sauki. Despite of all stylistic and thematic differences presented works are common in the authors’ aspiration for comprehension of contradictory and dramatic problems of a human being in complex many-valued images. Along with fantastical floral motifs-fantasies by Nomeda Saukene the show include surrealistic canvases by Sharunas Sauki that are devoted to the enigmatic and frighten world of the subconscious and dreams, and expressive and often shocking sculpture objects by Mikolas Sauki.

Šarūnas Sauka. Father’s Portrait. 1986. Oil on canvas. 149х109 Šarūnas Sauka. Biography. 2003. Oil on canvas. 232х212 Nomeda Saukiene. Sleeping Girl. 1999. Oil on canvas. 116х90 Šarūnas Sauka. Monika. 2010. Oil on canvas. 95х140 Nomeda Saukiene. Keeper. 2004-2005. Холст, масло. 90х80 Mykolas Sauka. The Present Is Still. 2011. Installation of 11 objects, polyester resin, fiberglass, acrylic paint. Dimension variable



22 august—21 october 2019

The exhibition will present the diversity of Russian sculpture of the late XX — early XXI century made from polymers and plastics.

Sasha Okun. Where Art  Thou?

Sasha Okun. Where Art Thou?

27 june—29 july 2019

The art of Israeli painter, art critic, teacher, and writer Sahsa Okun focuses on human physicality embodied in the materiality of painting.

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