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Dmitry Gutov. Man who helps the Rider on Horse. 2009. Metal, welding
19 march 2014—12 may 2014

The general aim of the exhibition is to present the specifics of functioning of drawing in contemporary Russian art. The basic section on the show brings together the works of the 1990-2000's but also there are presented the earlier materials connected mostly with conceptualism of Soviet time. The exposition presents the different ways of actualization of art of drawing and its technique side. Nowadays the drawing is not linked only with the pencil and paper and deviates from norm - it conquers new territories and tests new untraditional materials. It also  breaks the narrow frameworks of this view of art and like such new media as photography and video become one of universal languages in contemporary culture.

The exposition presents the following views of actual drawing:

  • Traditional drawing connected with new forms, expressive means and situations, manipulation with expressive means of academic study drawing, enlargement to the dimension of canvas, including in the installations.
  • Conceptual drawing including the period of creation of this trend (Medical Germenevtika Inspection project, D.Prigov, D.Alekseyev).
  • Postconceptual drawing as the reaction on the virtual reality (I.Razumov, J.Zastava, M.Sha).
  • Expansion of drawing on the territory of photograph and active intercommunication with this view of art (M.Ksuta, E.Gor, G.Majophis, V.Mamyshev-Monro).
  • So-called Another drawing, where the pencil and quill are substituted with acetylene welding outfit, laser and point, line - with metal cane, wire, needles and cottons, and sheet of paper - with wall or real space (D.Gutov, T.Ahmetgalieva, M.Arendt).
  • Drawing that uses the traditions of comic strip (J. Alexandrov, G.Litichevsky).
  • Contemporary so-called Societal drawing - reportages from meetings and judge sessions, graffiti (V.Lomasko, V.Salnikov, Pasha 183).
  • Drawing on alien surfaces (human body) (Tanatos Banionis, ESCAPE program, V.Aizenberg)
  • Drawing, video and computer: forms of intercommunication (D.Ter-Oganjan, V.Pushnitsky).        


T.Ahmetgalieva. Allergy on Dust. Diptych. Part 1. 2013. Textile, sewing, threads T.Ahmetgalieva. Allergy on Dust. Diptych. Part 2. 2013. Textile, sewing, threads Kirill Koteshov. Welter. 2013. Coal on paper and canvas. Kirill Chelushkin. From the Constructor’s Bureau project. 2001. Graphite, plastic. Pasha 183. Nameless. 2011. Paper, stencil

Nikolay Rybakov. Yeniseian Routes

Nikolay Rybakov. Yeniseian Routes

21 november 2019—14 january 2020

The exhibition of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Nikolai Rybakov presents more than 70 works: paintings, graphic works, and enamels.


Mechanical Ballet. Video Art at the Ludwig Museum at the Russian Museum

Mechanical Ballet. Video Art at the Ludwig Museum at the Russian Museum

18 november—24 november 2019

Bulat Galeyev. Space Sonata (Video version with a living actor), 1986

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