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Mikhail Shestakov. From the Sincerity series. 2013
10 december 2014—9 march 2015
Museum Photobiennale of Contemporary Photography allows us to introduce the oeuvre of professional photographers and photo artists who have just started their career to the museum visitors. In Russia such a museum project was first introduced in 2009. The purpose of the third and the following Biennale projects is to reveal the new names and tendencies in all the types and genres of contemporary Russian photography and to draw visitors' attention to the artists' creative potential.

Following the exhibition project that started in 2009, the Russian museum has collected the works of photographers from all corners of Russia. The Third Photobiennale presents 319 photographers both famous and beginners from 53 conglomerations of Russian Federation. The format of the exhibition reflects all the variety of movements in the art of contemporary photography. Staged and direct pictorial photography, still life, portrait, landscape, and nu are displayed all together and give a visitor more ideas about the different approaches to comprehension and embodiment of the classic stories.

Besides creative purpose Photobiennale is aimed at reaching one more important goal. The vast territory of Russia is often a challenge when it comes to face-to-face communication. In this respect the Russian Museum allows the participants who live and work far from the central cities an amazing opportunity to show their original works at one of the biggest museums of Russian art in the country and in the world.

Anna Asmus. From the Childhood Without War series. 2007 Polina Kirilenko. Nameless. 2013 Vladimir Seleznev. Blue Glass and White Things. 2013 Sergei Smirnov. Red Squares. 2013 Аrnold Maryashin. Woman and Helicopter. 2013 Vladimir Hromenkov. Friends. 2012 Yuri Lutz. A Province. 2011



22 august—21 october 2019

The exhibition will present the diversity of Russian sculpture of the late XX — early XXI century made from polymers and plastics.

Sasha Okun. Where Art  Thou?

Sasha Okun. Where Art Thou?

27 june—29 july 2019

The art of Israeli painter, art critic, teacher, and writer Sahsa Okun focuses on human physicality embodied in the materiality of painting.

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