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The Russian Museum is the largest museum of Russian art in the world. Occupying several architecturally and artistically significant buildings and locations in St Petersburg’s historic centre, it is one of the country’s most important and beloved museums. Today, more than 100 companies and private individuals generously support our efforts. These contributions from our friends and partners allow us to arrange and present large-scale exhibitions, conduct important research, and organise educational events and projects with the aim of expanding, enriching, and improving the museum. Your support is essential to our work. One way to contribute is by making a donation online.

If you are interested in how we allocate the charitable funds we receive, please direct your questions to and we will be happy to answer.
By making a contribution, you confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions of our donation agreement.

Any financial contributions made to the museum will be used in furtherance of the objectives and activities set forth in its charter.
Thank you! We hope to see you soon in the Russian Museum!

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The Russian Museum recommends
Collection highlights
Collection highlights

The collection of masterpieces, chosen by the Russian Museum will allow you to make a first impression of the collection of the Russian Museum.


Virtual tours
Virtual tours

Russian Museum - one of the world's largest museums and is perhaps the only country where such a full treasure of national culture are presented.
Virtual tour of the museum complex. 2009 (Rus., Eng., Ger., Fin.)


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