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The Russian Museum. Survey of the Collection

The Russian Museum. Survey of the Collection

This informative 208-page publication is devoted to the main collections of the Russian Museum and its collection of eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century paintings in particular. The survey of the collection is presented along historical lines and is richly illustrated by 160 colour and 12 black-and-white reproductions and photographs, representing those works which hold an important place both in the museum collection and the history of Russian art.

100 Unknown Pictures from the Depositories of the Russian Museum

ISBN 3-930775-48-4
216 pages with 103 colour illustrations.
Russian or English. Size 24 x 31 cm

100 Years of the Russian Museum in Photographs

ISBN 3-930775-47-6
50 pages with 4 colour and 413 black-and-white illustrations.
Russian. Size 24 x 32 cm.

Devoted to Russian Avantgard

ISBN 3-930775-52-2
128 pages with 54 colour and 16 black-and-white illustrations.
Russian or English. Size 21 x 27 cm.

The Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum

300 pages with 139 colour and 14 black-and-white illustrations. Size 23 x 33 cm.

Vasily Surikov in the Russian Museum

ISBN 3-930775-58-1
128 pages with 77 colour and15 black-and-white illustrations. Russian. Size 24 x 31 cm.

The World of Art

ISBN 3-930775-53-0
338 pages with 533 colour and 48 black-and-white illustrations.
Russian or English or Finnish. Size 25 x 29,7 cm.

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Collection highlights
Collection highlights

The collection of masterpieces, chosen by the Russian Museum will allow you to make a first impression of the collection of the Russian Museum.


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Russian Museum - one of the world's largest museums and is perhaps the only country where such a full treasure of national culture are presented.
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