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Art therapy

For visitors with mental disabilities

  • The course of studio exposition classes “Portrait, landscape, still life in the Russian Museum”. The course contributes to the formation of communication skills using art therapeutic techniques. 

  • Myths in reality”. The program involves a deep study and immersion in Russian academic art of the 18-19 centuries, filled with mythological images of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. 

For visitors with ASD

  • The course of museum art-therapeutic classes “I look, feel, draw, speak” for children with autism (primary school age). The goal is the correction of the emotional state and behavior by means of art therapy. 

  • Art Therapy Studio “Teal”.The studio program is designed for children 5-8 years old and 9-16 years old. The purpose of the classes is the aesthetic development and correction of emotional states in children through artistic activity and the museum environment. Art therapy classes are conducted by artists and psychologists. 

For visitors with emotional disabilities

  • The creation of the World” program is addressed to young people with addictive behavior who are in rehabilitation and have a sobriety period of 5 to 12 months.

  • Me and the World. Relationship space.”. The art therapy program is intended for people with addictive behavior who are undergoing rehabilitation and have survived for one year. The program allows you to understand and rethink relationships with yourself and the world around you. 

  • The cycle “A beautiful image created in the flesh” helps to familiarize people with diabetes with the culture of Russian classical painting based on visiting the exhibition, as well as alleviating the psychological state, gaining new internal resources of the person through the process of artistic study of the drawing and understanding of the human body as a way of expressing emotions.

  • Happiness in nature”. The program is intended for adults suffering from type I diabetes and having complaints of serious psychological conditions. The program is a course of acquaintance with the works of academic art, as well as with the development of practical skills of the academic drawing system. 


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