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The consulting and methodological center of art museums of the Russian Federation

Today the Russian Museum is a research and tutorial centre for all art museums of the Russian Federation, supervising the work of 260 art museums in Russia.

To provide tutorial help to art museums, museum reserves, art galleries, and memorial museums, in 1974, by order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, a special department was created in the Russian museum — the Research and Tutorial Department for art museums, now known as The consulting and methodological center of art museums of the Russian Federation

In close cooperation with other museum divisions the department works in various areas:

  • cooperation with art museums of Russia
  • collection, analysis and publishing in mass media and electronic media of the information relating to the history and collections of regional museums
  • organization of exchange of experience between the Russian Museum, the leading cultural organizations, foreign museums, and museums around the country,
  • professional development of the specialists from regional museums,
  • consulting and tutorial assistance in various areas of museum work

The department has three divisions:

The division of cooperation with art museums of Russia

One of the main areas of work of this division is the implementation of a long-term project “Cultural and exhibition centres of the Russian Museum”.

For more information on the project see “Projects

The division of information and analytical work

Main areas of work include:

The division of organization and carrying out of professional development courses, tutorials and apprenticeships

The main focus of the division is the organization and implementation of activities aimed at professional development of museum specialists:

  • sessions for directors of art museums on the most topical issues:
    • Annual meetings, roundtables and conferences in the Russian museum,
    • Exchange of experience with foreign museums;
  • professional development courses, internships and counseling for museum professionals and researchers in all areas;
  • museum practices and internships for humanities students from the universities of Russia;
  • scientific seminars, conferences, and tutorials in Russian regions.


Head of Department — Krasovitova Marina Gennagievna
Head of the division of cooperation with art museums of Russia — Fedotova Anastasia Alexeevna
Head of the division of information and analytical work — Filippova Inga Igorevna
Head of the division of organization and carrying out professional development courses, tutorials and apprenticeships — Taraban Yulia Dmitrievna

Phone: +7 (812) 347-87-03

Fax: +7 (812) 570-52-21

E-mail of the department :

E-mail of the project “Cultural and exhibition centres of the Russian Museum”:

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