Inside the Marble Palace (Sound, Dance, Performance)

Inside the Marble Palace  (Sound, Dance, Performance)
14 September 2017—16 October 2017

Film “Diamond Sea” (1997) by Doug Aitken will be on display between September 14 and October 16 as part of the project “Inside the Marble Palace (Sound, Dance, Performance).”

“Inside the Marble Palace” is a series of nine exhibitions exploring performativity in which dance and sound play a significant part. Ever since the time of its emergence, video art was closely connected with performance. The possibility to record and show at the same time, the use of time as one of the main elements — all of this provides common ground between performance and video art.

The exhibition project at the Marble Palace will feature some of the most famous contemporary artists working with various media, such as photography, performance, sound, installation, film, and video.

Each artwork will be on display at the Marble Palace for a month, from September 14, 2017, through June 2018.

The video artists featured in this exhibition rethink the experience of film, sound, dance, and performance in different ways. They visualize sound and vocalize space; saturate their works with dense sound or deafening silence; refer to the performance tradition and avant-garde choreography; reinterpret popular tunes and film stills that serve as cultural archaeology and a breeding ground for their art.

The exhibitions continue the series of video screenings at the Museum Ludwig at the Russian Museum.

The opening of the exhibition project is to take place on September 14, 7 pm, at the Marble Palace. Curator Pascale Cassagnau is to give an opening lecture.

The project was carried out with the support of the French Institute in Russia.

Exhibition schedule:

September 14 — October 16: Doug Aitken, Diamond Sea, 1997

October 18 — November 13: Christian Marclay, Guitar Drag, 2000

November 15 — December 11: Ange Leccia, Dominique Gonzalez Foerster, Gold, 2000

December 13 — January 15: Joao Onofre, I See a Darkness, 2007

January 17 — February 12: Pierre Huyghe, Blanche Neige Lucie, 1997

February 14 — March 12: Christian Marclay, Mixed reviews (American Sign Language), 1999-2001, 30'

March 14 — April 16: Pipilotti Rist, I am not the girl who misses much, 1986; You called me Jacky,1990; I am a victim of this song, 1995

April 18 — May 14: Lorna Simpson, Cloudscape, 2004

May 16 — June 30: Xavier Veilhan, Le Film du Japon, 2002

The opening of the exhibition program will be accompanied by a series of screenings and lectures:

September 13, 7 pm. Sound Museum. Lecture by French musician Jean-Yves Leloup, “Cinema for the Ear”.

September 14, 9 pm. Angleterre Cinema Theater. Screening of “Ipanema Theories” (1999) by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, mix live by Jean-Yves Leloup.

September 15, 7 pm. Angleterre Cinema Theater. Screening of “Zidane, un portrait du 21e siècle” (2006) by Philippe Parreno and Douglas Gordon.

Future Dwelling

Future Dwelling

19 October 2023—8 January 2024

The exhibition presents 24 large-format digital paintings, some created with the aid of artificial intelligence. The project raises questions about the future living environment of humans, and, at the same time, the future of the medium of photography.

The School of Filonov

The School of Filonov

6 October 2023—29 January 2024

“The Collective of Masters of Analytical Art. The School of Filonov” existed from the summer of 1925 until the master’s death in December 1941. The school’s work was based on the idea of teamwork.

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