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Andrei Voronikhin. 250th Birth Anniversary

Andrei Voronikhin. 250th Birth Anniversary

Editor-in-chief: E. Petrova; article: O. Kaparulina
Palace Editions, St Petersburg, 2010
11 coloured illustrations
Format: 21 x 10 cm; Russian
The booklet accompanied the exhibition dedicated to the 250th anniversary of Andrei Voronikhin's birth. The article addresses the architect's creative path, detailed history of creation of buildings and interior designs by Andrei Voronikhin in St Petersburg and its environs. The article ends up with an analysis of the master's graphic heritage. The booklet includes reproductions of Andrei Voronikhin's works created in various periods: views of Count Alexander Stroganov's dacha, interior designs of the Stroganov Palace and sketches of historical scenes.

The Miniature Portrait, 1996

ISBN 3 930775- 20- 4; 10,00DM

The Art of Mstiora, 1997

ISBN 3 930775- 40- 9; 18,00DM

Alexander Ignatiev, 1997

ISBN 3 930775- 38- 7; 10,00DM
12 pages 5 colour and 5 black-and-white reproductions. Russian. Size 20 x 21 cm.

Russian Patchwork, 1997

ISBN 3-930775-29-8; 10,00DM

The Russian Imperial Theatre, 1997

ISBN 3 930775- 34- 4; 20,00DM

Vologda Lace

ISBN 3-930775-57-3
12 pages with 12 colour illustrations. Size 20 x 21 cm.

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